Community Cat Resources

 A Community Cat is a cat that has been fixed, vaccinated, and ear tipped, then released back into the area from which it was captured. They are the unowned stray and feral (unsocialized) cats who live outdoors in our neighborhoods without a particular home or owner.

MCHA provides a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program to individuals working to help regulate Monroe County’s outdoor feral or unsocialized feline community. 

    • A refundable $50.00 deposit is paid to Monroe County Humane Association for the use of a feral cat trap. MCHA staff can provide feral trap education to individuals who have never utilized such equipment before. MCHA will also provide canned and dry cat food for individuals to lead feral cats into traps.
    • Spay/neuter and Rabies vaccinations are not performed by Monroe County Humane Association, but by Pets Alive Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic. Pets Alive offers discounted spay/neuter and Rabies vaccinations for community/feral cats in the area. Please visit Pets Alive to view pricing for Feral Cat Packages and drop-off times for Feral Cat care through Pets Alive.
    • Once individuals have successfully trapped their feral cat, had them taken to Pets Alive for spay/neuter and rabies vaccinations, then the trap is returned to MCHA. MCHA will refund the $50.00 deposit initially made for the trap once it is returned. 
  • Email us, leave a message at 812-333-6242 ext. 112, or simply stop in and visit our Animal Care Campus at 791 S Fieldstone Blvd to participate in this TNR resource program.


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Monroe County Humane Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that relies on donations, sponsorships, and grants to fund all of our programs and services. EIN: 35-6064277 

The Monroe County Humane Association proudly collaborates, but is distinct from, the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter. For services such as adoption, lost/found pets, shelter hours, and animal control, feel free to reach out to our friends at the City of Bloomington Animal Care & Control at 812-349-3492. Together, we're caring for our community's animals.