E. Susan Bartlett

Crisis Housing Center

The E. Susan Bartlett Crisis Housing Program acts as a haven of hope for those in urgent need for free or low cost. Whether victims of domestic abuse seeking safety, individuals grappling with housing instability, or facing unexpected medical emergencies, our program provides a lifeline when it matters most. The Crisis Housing Center Team works in partnership with local law enforcement agencies, domestic violence shelters, social workers, and community shelters. 


Domestic Violence: 

Tragically, seventy-one percent of domestic violence victims report that their abusers threaten, harm, or even kill their pets and many stay in abusive homes out of this fear. Most shelters are not equipped to accommodate pets, leaving survivors facing an impossible choice. By offering a safe haven for pets, we empower individuals to break free from abusive environments and seek safety without leaving their cherished companions behind.  


Housing Instability: 

In times of housing crisis, many individuals find themselves faced with the heartbreaking choice of surrendering their pets. Our program ensures that temporary housing challenges do not lead to permanent separations, allowing families to stay together during their journey back to stability.  


Medical Emergencies: 

Unexpected medical situations can put immense strain on pet owners. We provide a secure and nurturing environment for pets whose owners are undergoing surgeries, facing debilitating illnesses, or entering rehabilitation programs. For many, knowing their beloved pet is in safe hands is a prerequisite for seeking essential medical or rehabilitative care.  


How to Apply for Help 

While the E. Susan Bartlett Crisis Housing Program is designed to provide a temporary solution for individuals and their animal companions facing urgent challenges, we recognize that it may not be suitable for every situation. The scope and duration of assistance may vary based on individual circumstances and available resources. We encourage those seeking assistance to reach out to our team to discuss their specific needs and explore the best possible solutions for their unique situation. At this time only Monroe County residents are eligible for the Crisis Housing program.  

Contact Outreach Coordinator Liz Austin at eaustin@monroehumane.org for more information. 

Medical Criteria for Crisis Housing 

To ensure the safety and health of all pets in our crisis housing program, we have specific medical requirements. Your dog or cat must be up to date on all requirements below while in our care. If you are unable to afford medical care, we may be able to assist with the cost.


Rabies vaccination 

Distemper/Parvo (DHPP) vaccination 

Bordatella vaccination 

Leptospirosis vaccination 


Preventative for fleas, ticks, and heartworms


Rabies vaccination

FVRCP vaccination 


Preventative for fleas, ticks, and heartworms 

Special Thanks 

The Crisis Housing Program exists thanks to a significant bequest from E. Susan Bartlett, a passionate supporter and champion for all animals.

Five kennels at the Crisis Housing Center are sponsored by Virginia Metzger in memory of her loving dogs, Kilt, Mackie, Lucy, Desi, and Niki. 

In November 2020, RedRover granted MCHA $20,000 to enhance security and make facility upgrades. 


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Monroe County Humane Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that relies on donations, sponsorships, and grants to fund all of our programs and services. EIN: 35-6064277 

The Monroe County Humane Association proudly collaborates, but is distinct from, the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter. For services such as adoption, lost/found pets, shelter hours, and animal control, feel free to reach out to our friends at the City of Bloomington Animal Care & Control at 812-349-3492. Together, we're caring for our community's animals.