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Since 1956, Monroe County Humane Association (MCHA) has embodied hope and compassion for animals and their human companions throughout Monroe County and its surrounding regions. With a legacy rich in heartfelt service and impactful change spanning more than six decades, MCHA steadfastly remains a sanctuary of support, kindness, and proactive care for animals in their most vulnerable times.


Our Mission: At MCHA, we strive to advance animal welfare, deepen human-animal bonds, and extend accessible veterinary care and humane education across our community. This mission comes to life through the relentless efforts of our dedicated staff, volunteers, and generous supporters, ensuring every animal experiences the dignity and care they rightfully deserve.


Our Impactful Programs and Initiatives:

Susan Bartlett Crisis Housing Center: More than a refuge, this center represents a new beginning for pets caught in the crosshairs of human crises, from domestic violence to housing uncertainties and health emergencies. Here, we collaborate closely with law enforcement, domestic abuse shelters, and community organizations to provide sanctuary at minimal to no cost, reaffirming safety and comfort during turbulent times.


Spay and Neuter Assistance: Our proactive approach to pet population control fosters healthier lives for animals and mitigates the issue of homeless pets. In 2023, our commitment was underlined by the distribution of 184 assistance vouchers, representing over $5,500 in procedural costs, to families in need.


Monthly Mobile Vaccine Clinics: MCHA breaks down barriers to healthcare with regular, walk-in vaccine clinics. These pivotal gatherings in Monroe County offer affordable protection against prevalent diseases, enhancing public health, and underscoring our belief in wellness without financial worry. In 2023, the MCHA team of volunteers and staff saw 319 cats and dogs.


Street Outreach Program: Compassion knows no bounds as our specialized team delivers veterinary services right to the streets, extending a lifeline to pets under the care of owners grappling with adversities like homelessness. This initiative reaffirms that every pet is worthy of uncompromised care, independent of their owners’ circumstances. The outreach team saw 360 pets in 2023.


Accessible Community Veterinary Clinic: Empathy drives our community clinic, ensuring open doors and a welcoming environment for all pets. In 2023, our approach allowed us to extend crucial medical services to 2,743 pets over 8,575 office visits, a feat made possible by heartfelt contributions from our donors. Our tiered pricing structure ensures care remains within reach, regardless of financial constraints. MCHA acknowledges the escalating need for veterinary care in our local community and across the country. As part of our strategic vision and always contingent upon the availability of resources, we are profoundly dedicated to broadening our reach and enhancing access to these essential services for all animals requiring our aid.


Pet Food & Supply Pantry: In our continuous response to community needs, we supplied an incredible 25,000 lbs. (12.5 tons) of pet food in 2023 to households in financial strain last year. Beyond nourishment, we distributed essentials from cat litter to comfort items, preventing hardship from compromising the well-being of our furry friends.


MCHA’s animal care campus, located on Fieldstone Blvd, not only serves as the organization’s headquarters but also houses our nonprofit veterinary clinic and crisis housing center, offers serene walking trails for community enjoyment, and presents ample opportunities for future expansion.

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Monroe County Humane Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that relies on donations, sponsorships, and grants to fund all of our programs and services. EIN: 35-6064277 

The Monroe County Humane Association proudly collaborates, but is distinct from, the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter. For services such as adoption, lost/found pets, shelter hours, and animal control, feel free to reach out to our friends at the City of Bloomington Animal Care & Control at 812-349-3492. Together, we're caring for our community's animals.