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A Community Cat is a cat that has been fixed, vaccinated and eartipped then released back into the area from which it was captured. They are the unowned stray and feral (unsocialized) cats who live outdoors in our neighborhoods without a particular home or owner.

Are you feeding outdoor cats?  

You can apply online or over the phone for Community Cat Resources! Assistance is limited to education, trapping/transportation and financial assistance for the spay/neuter surgeries of community cats. 


Apply for Community Cat Resource Assistance online HERE.


MCHA received a call about a kitten that had been seen lingering around, but didn’t seem to have a caretaker, or be part of a full litter of kittens. Most likely, she had either been dumped there, or gotten away from her colony, and gotten lost. Our Community Cat Coordinator Lanie Hines, was quick to get supplies for a humane trap to be set to try and catch her. Trapping cats without a caretaker can be difficult, as there’s no one there to watch the trap, and let volunteers know when the cat has been caught.  Lanie left the trap set to catch the kitten, unsure of when she’d catch her, made plans to come back the next morning to check for her, and just in case, left a note on the trap that read “Humane Trapping in progress. If you see a cat in this trap please call XXX-XXX-XXXX.” And sure enough, within an hour, Lanie received a call that there was indeed a cat in the trap, and from a local Pizza Delivery driver that happened to be delivering nearby. Now named “Mozzarella” in honor of her finder, spends her days being fed twice a day, napping on patio furniture, and running the woods to chase walnuts, leaves, and anything that moves. Mozzarella is spayed and ear tipped, has been vaccinated against rabies, and while is happy to be around her caregivers, has no interest in being cuddled or laying on a lap. Mozzarella is technically a “community cat,” or a semi-friendly cat that prefers to live her days outdoors.

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Community Cat Surgery


Your donation can help spay/neuter an animal in need. 


Learn how to create a feral cat shelter for winter here. 

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