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Shake the mud off your boots and join us for an Open Dog-House at Karst Farm Dog Park to benefit the Monroe County Humane Association.

Event Requirements

  • AGE: Dogs must be over 4 months old to participate 


  • VACCINES: Rabies vaccine required (must show proof prior to entry)


  • FIXED: Dogs must be spayed/neutered


  • FEE: $3 entry per dog (Karst membership NOT required)


  • LIMIT: 2 dogs per person



* Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Vendors spots are limited. Tables will be provided to vendors who donate $15 or more.  Vendors are asked to provide a minimum of one give-away to attendees from their table. Suggestions are: dog treats, toys, logo items, etc.

Interested in being considered for a 15-min guest speaker? Let us know on your vendor form!

Guest speaker roles are limited to 15minutes and must be dog/pet related.
Topics/Speakers must be approved by MCHA staff.



Do I have to show proof of my dog's vaccine record's before we can participate?

Yes. Before entering the event, volunteers will be onsite to review paperwork that lists the date of the rabies vaccine was given and when it expires, your pets name and breed, and the veterinarian that administered the rabies vaccine.


Do I need to register online?

No. Payment (via credit card or cash) will be accepted prior to entry into the dog park. You can participate anytime between 11-2 and enjoy the festivities.


How many dogs can I bring?

There is a limit of two dogs per handler. If you have more than two dogs, you will need to have another adult (over 18) present with you to help manage your dogs.


What if I have more than two dogs?

There is no limit to the number of dogs that participate from one household. If you have more than two dogs, you will need to have another adult (over 18) present with you to help manage up to two more dogs.  There must be at least one handler per two dogs.


Is there access to wash the dogs off if they get dirty?

Yes. There will be a station with access to a hose.  Soapy Soap Company is donating dog soap to the dog wash station. You can learn more about the soap and the ingredients here.


Do I need a membership to attend?

No. This is an open-house style event, and anyone with or without a membership to Karst Dog Park can attend!


What if my dog isn't 4 months old?

By 4 months old, most dogs have received and are current on all vaccinations.  These vaccines make them less likely to expose others and be affected by any diseases and virsuses that can be transmitted between dogs, especialy in an environment that is exposed to a lot of dogs. To learn more about dogs and their environment, learn more here.


What if my dog isn't spayed/neutered?

Dogs must be spayed/neutered to participate inside the dog park. Not only is this in alignment with Karst Dog Park rules, but it's also in the best interest of all dogs that will be participating.


Is there a rain date for the event?

No. There will be no rain date for the event. Should the event be cancelled for weather, please stay tuned to MCHA on Facebook and Twitter.


Will there be vendors at the event? Can I still be a vendor at the event?

Yes. Representatives from several organizations will be onsite. If you would like to participate as a vendor, please email and confirm your attendance no later than Friday, May 29.