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**We do not have a shelter.**

    For City shelter hours, adoptable animals, lost/found pets, and animal control, call City of Bloomington Animal Care & Control at 812.349.3492.

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Rebecca Warren

Executive Director​

Rebecca is a graduate from Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis and happily relocated to the Bloomington area with her family (including two dogs) in 2014.


She comes to Bloomington from the Humane Society of Indianapolis (IndyHumane) where she served as community outreach and education program manager. During her tenure, Rebecca oversaw a multi-faceted outreach program working closely with Animal Care and Control. Rebecca created, implemented and evaluated the humane education curriculum and programming in schools. She cultivated relationships with a variety of groups across Indianapolis, not limited to animal welfare groups. She even researched effective tools and opportunities for what has now become the Animal Welfare Center low-cost, high-volume spay/neuter clinic prior to joining IndyHumane’s staff. By advocating for collaboration and idea sharing, IndyHumane’s outreach and education program under Rebecca’s leadership has proven to be a successful model at the forefront of animal welfare in Indianapolis.


In addition to her work at IndyHumane, Rebecca served six years on the board of Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana and has been a leader of the Indianapolis Animal Welfare Alliance.


Contact Rebecca via email or 812.332.0123, ext. 101.

Kimberly Goy

Development Director

Kimberly brings years of event planning and promotion experience to the MCHA. 


Kimberly has implemented several new fundraising initiatives for MCHA and is always willing to try something new and fun!  Kimberly also works with businesses and individuals who wish to donate to MCHA and oversees our donor database.   She also represents MCHA on the Monroe County Animal Commission.


Kimberly was previously on the Board of Directors for MCHA overseeing events, and actively providing day to day operational support to the team.  Kimberly is an active volunteer with the Bloomington Animal shelter and has been for several years - fostering hundreds of animals.


Kimberly's family includes her husband Eric and two children, Jason and Sarah.  Furry family members include pets adopted from the Bloomington Animal Shelter – including a foster failure and a Pomeranian, adopted after a puppy mill was shut down in Owen County with the help of MCHA.

Contact Kimberly via email or 812.333.6242, ext 100.

Leslie Hudson

Humane Education & Outreach Coordinator

Leslie has been working with animals and people, specializing in dogs, for over a decade.


Before she started college, Leslie had trained and handled hundreds of dogs and received her first certification through the National Association for Search and Rescue. During this time she also received her certification for Professional Rescuer and Wilderness Medicine and was an active member on the local Search and Rescue team.


Leslie graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s of Arts and Science through the Individualized Major Program. She named her major Holistic Health and Therapeutic Remedies. During college, Leslie worked part time as a dog trainer and part time as a behavioral technician with adults with developmental disabilities. Before graduating, Leslie created and managed an Educational Holistic Health Fair free to the community with over 20 holistic health practitioners at education tables. In 2010 Leslie organized and led a community based dog-walking club. She became a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator in 2011, renewing that certification in 2014.


Recently, Leslie tested for her certification through the Association for Professional Dog Trainers, earning a title of Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed. Leslie is passionate about education and creating a positive difference in people and their loved one’s lives, furry, feathery and scaly ones included!


Contact Leslie via email or 812.333.6242, ext 102.


Office Productivity Executive

Peanut advises over proper animal care for our many animal ambassadors, takes naps, routinely knocks down papers and hopes to reduce office productivity by 20% at least daily, if not by the hour.


Peanut keeps the mood light, greets guests (whether they like it or not) and enjoys sitting in your face, especially at the hours of 8:00am and 4:15pm (breakfast and dinner time).  On long weekends and holidays, Peanut takes a hiatus away from the office to rejuvenute herself and prepare again for the task and official title of "Office Cat."