Meet Dazey Jane

Each month, and even each week when we host the Minor Medical Clinic, we're never sure what kind of animals we'll see, or how sick they could be. An owner's account of how sick their pet is varies from owner to owner.

When Dazey Jane's mom made her appointment, she swore she was only coming in to have her pup be tested for parvovirus. However, upon getting to the clinic, clinic staff weren't convinced that a test for parvovirus would help.

Thanks to the quick thinking of the staff, and a multitude of resources, we were able to save Dazey Jane's life that night.

When Dazey Jane got to clinic, it was clear she was incredibly sick. While we did test Dazey Jane for Parvovirus (it was negative), we were also concerned that she could have eaten something she shouldn't have, like a sock. A sock from 5 days ago. It had been that long that Dazey Jane had been sick, and had been refusing to eat or drink anything. MCHA clinic staff were quick to work up fluids for Dazey Jane, others started a parvovirus test, and ran a fecal to check her out for worms.

To make sure there wasn't a sock stuck in Dazey Jane's belly, MCHA issued an emergency veterinary voucher to Arlington South to have an x-ray done that night.

When Dazey Jane's xray's were clear, and her parvovirus test was negative, the only culprit left to blame was the fact that her belly was so full of worms (all kinds). We were able to provide Dazey Jane with all of the medications she needed for less than $50 that night. Thanks to the many donors that support the MCHA Emergency Medical fund, we were able to send Dazey Jane to a full-service clinic for x-rays.

To save Dazey Jane's life, MCHA needed every resource pulled together.

Without the variety of resources we had to pull from, Dazey Jane may have unnecessarily been surrendered, euthanized, or worse, died at home.

As of this week, Dazey Jane was eating, drinking and feeling much, much better.

Tip: You can prevent worms in your own pups by using a once-monthly heartworm preventative!

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