Itchy and Scratchy All Over

Gionna is only 10 months old, but has likely lived with mange for her entire life. After being passed around to several homes, Gionna's case of mange was far too advanced for her most recent owner to manage or pay for. To provide the expensive treatments and on-going medical care she's going to need, Gionna was surrendered to our friends at the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control and we're working together to get the resources to fund her treatments and on-going care. Mange is a skin disease that is caused by tiny external parasites causing bald spots, itching, and in some cases blisters or lesions. Gionna has a very advanced case of mange that is going to require months of routine care to allow her hair to grow back in. To treat mange, Bloomington Animal Care and Control staff and foster families will need to provide her with weekly medication and medicated baths multiple times per week. And unfortunately for Gionna, she's incredibly itchy for now. Even though she's hairless and covered in lesions and blisters, Gionna loves to be scratched and loved and has no shortage of love or affection for people.

Gionna will soon be available for adoption through our friends at Bloomington Animal Care and Control. You can help fund her medical needs by donating to the Shelter Fund that MCHA oversees to fund special cases of need, just like Gionna's.

Donate to Gionna's care here.

Learn more about mange here.

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