Lucy's Horrifying Adventure

Lucy is a 7 year old Rat Terrier who was attacked by a pack of coyotes. One morning, while playing in the front yard, Lucy was snatched up by a pack of coyotes. Somehow, Lucy managed to escape and her family found her limping in the woods near their home. She had several wounds including a large cut on her stomach and was losing blood quickly. Lucy needed medical attention immediately. The family took her to the nearest veterinarian to save her life. Costs for the surgery weighed heavily on their minds, but MCHA was able to cover all of the costs related to Lucy's care, thanks to the generosity of donors.

Today Lucy is alive and recovering well. The Arthur family and MCHA are happy to see her in her own home, happy, where she belongs. Lucy's emergency surgery was well over $200 and MCHA paid for 100% of her costs because the family met all of the MCHA emergency medical assistance program requirements. We'd like to share Lucy's story as a warning to other pet owners in our area about the dangers of dogs being off leash and dogs being an easy prey for coyotes. Coyotes prefer wooded patches and shrubbery, or parks and patches of wildlife to hunt and create their dens for their litters. Unfortunately for area residents, there are several ideal living environments for coyotes near residential areas. During this time of year, Coyotes are having their litters of pups and can be more aggressive about food and looking for easy prey, such as outside cats and small dogs. Some points to consider for pet owners:

  • Don't keep pet food outside

  • Don't leave dogs outside unattended (at least between dusk and dawn)

  • Try to keep cats inside (at least between dusk and dawn)

  • If you have fruit trees, pick up fallen fruit so it doesn't rot on the ground (Coyotes would eat this, too)

  • Coyotes are typically more active between February and May (after their mating season)

  • If your female dog is not spayed, it will attract male coyotes

  • If you're followed by a coyote or see one:

  • Do not turn your back or try to run (Coyotes can run up to 40mph over a short distance)

  • Do not turn your dog loose, keep your dog or put your dog on a leash right away


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