Meet our Therapy Animal Teams!

Carol and Mocha


Carol and Mocha (Poodle) became Pet Partners in June of 2013. Brown County residents, they volunteer at the Brown County Library and the Brown County Health and Living Center. Carol and Mocha are one of the founding teams of the Brown County Library's Sit, Stay, Read! program, which had its debut on October 19th, 2013. We hope to continue to build MCHA Therapy Team program presence in the Brown County area!


Chika and Rikki


Chika and Rikki joined the MCHA Therapy Animal Program in 2018. Rikki truly enjoys life and spreads joy to everyone he meets, and we are so happy to have this program to give us the opportunity to share that love far and wide! When he's not out making new friends, his favorite activity is swimming; he goes boating and kayaking during the summer and competes in dock diving! He also loves to play with toys, go on hikes, and learning new tricks. 

Chris and Ziva


Chris and Ziva are best friends! Chris has owned 6 white German Shepherds throughout his life. Ziva earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen diploma at one and a half years old. Since then, they have continued to train on and off until Chris retired and could spend more time with her. Now, they are out and about every day and joined MCHA's Therapy Animal Program to make people happy.

Norvin and Bilbo


Norvin and his Great Pyrenees, Bilbo, joined the MCHA Therapy Team program in October of 2016. 


DeDe and Penelope


Penelope is a four year old Golden Retriever who manages her adopted human household. Bringing canned goods from grocery bags to the pantry, carrying shoes to her human family members when she wants to go outside, fetching tools to assist with home repairs and sitting at attention in front of the toy basket signaling playtime, Pe happily organizes the daily activities. Most importantly, Pe gladly shares affection with all of her human counterparts. She calmly enjoys interaction with people and is an attentive silent listener. Pe and DeDe became a MCHA Therapy Team in October of 2018.


Lauren and Parker


Lauren and Parker first met at the Indianapolis Humane Society, and it was love at first sight! Parker is an Australian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix who loves to snuggle. He enjoys going on long walks and car rides with his humans. He frequently visits Hopscotch Coffee and Switchyard Brewing Company and can mostly likely be found lounging on a patio in the warm weather. Parker is a gentle giant who thinks he’s a lap dog and will try to sit on a lap at any opportunity he gets!

Lauren and Parker volunteered as a therapy team for an organization in New Jersey before moving to Bloomington and joining the MCHA Therapy Team program in the fall of 2018.


Connie and Kansas 


Connie is retired and understands the joy a dog can bring to people who cannot be with animals. Connie looks forward to sharing her dog Kansas, a 4-year old Australian Shepherd, with those in the community who want a therapy animal interaction. 


Emily and Zuri 


Emily and Zuri joined the MCHA Therapy Team program in September 2019. Zuri, a Golden Retriever, loves to be the center of attention and brings laughter, joy, and smiles with him wherever he goes. His favorite activities include playing with “his boys”, greeting children as they arrive for school, and training for Therapy work, Rally Obedience and Agility. Zuri is a treasured member of his family, and they look forward to sharing his love and joy with the community.

John and Lily


John and Lily joined the MCHA Therapy Team program in September of 2019 and are looking forward to bringing warmth and cheer to those who might enjoy Lily’s love. Lily is a natural at Pet Therapy because she loves people! Lily is two years old and comes from Colorado. It was love at first sight, and John and Lily have been inseparable ever since. She accompanies him to work and is an integral part of it. Lily loves to play ball, hike, and squeak her bunny and prairie dog (all stuffed of course!). She can’t wait to get started visiting patients and their families.

Eiko and Yuki 


Eiko and Yuki joined the MCHA Therapy Team program in October 2019. Yuki is a West Highland Terrier who enjoys hiking, playing with her dog friends, snuggling, and taking naps in sunny spots. Yuki loves to share her adorable personality with everyone she meets.

Grace and Yorick


Grace and Yorick officially joined the MCHA Therapy Team program in October 2019. Yorick, a rescue kitty, is an adventuresome beast who loves head scratches, walks, and making new friends. Together, Yorick and Grace look forward to helping others as a cat/human therapy team.

Emily and Amina


Emily and Amina (Carolina Dog) met at the Bloomington Animal Shelter on a rainy day in April 2017, and they have been inseparable ever since. Amina enjoys playing with her Karst Dog Park pals and dashing through the snow as fast as she can before burrowing under a warm blanket to catch some zzz's. Amina especially loves spending time with young children, but she is excited to meet humans of all ages. Emily is a family therapist and the goal is for Amina to participate in providing therapeutic support to families and staff at Emily's workplace. Emily and Amina joined the MCHA Therapy Team program in October 2019. 

Aran and Hoosier


Aran and Hoosier (Maltese Bichon mix) have been a part of the MCHA Therapy Team program since 2011. Even when they lived in New York City and Cincinnati, Hoosier kept up his therapy dog work at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and the Barret Cancer Center at the University of Cincinnati Hospital (sitting on people’s laps while they get chemotherapy treatments). Hoosier started out his therapy work visiting residents in several assisted living facilities in Carmel (before Aran’s grandfather Solomon Mordoh passed away). After that, Hoosier worked with patients at the Autumn Hills Alzheimer’s Special Care Center. Today, he spends most of his time helping students relax by participating in IU’s Destress Fest and multiple Destress with Dogs events on the IU campus at sororities and various campus organizations. Since Aran is a Community Health Educator with IU Health, Hoosier often gets involved with health related events that Aran is linked to and frankly he is just happy to go anywhere that he can interact with people and make them happy!  

Siobhan and Grace 


Siobhan and Grace, a 15-month old pug, are delighted to be joining the MCHA Therapy Team program having completed a successful evaluation in March of 2020. Grace is a happy little pug who loves making new friends and spreading smiles wherever she goes. Grace will continue to enhance her skills as she steps out into the community with purpose, sharing pug love and smiles. Siobhan is a returning handler having enjoyed many therapy visits with her beloved pug, Maggie, who passed away in 2017. Siobhan is delighted to rejoin the V.I.Paws Therapy Animal Program and looks forward to meeting lots of new friends in the community. Siobhan and her husband, Jeff, have a local photography business and take Grace along on most of their outdoor sessions, where Grace helps people who don’t like to be photographed with her funny little face and her gentle heart. 


Siobhan and Grace look forward to meeting you! 

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