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Pet Safety

There are many topics we can address under the heading of pet safety.  We features some topics according to the calendar and others according to the temperature.  No matter what, you can find links to our information here.




  • Chocolate Toxicity Meter at petMD

  • Symptom Checker at petMD


Seasonal Extremes


If you suspect your animal has ingested a poisonous substance, call:



Both the helpline and the ASPCA center have extensive information on poisons and poison-proffing your homes.


Safety Apps

We aren't in the business of selling apps for others, and cannot guarantee any of the information you find in one.  That said there are a couple safety-related apps you might want to know about.



Interested in other topics?  

We are always happy to add to our library.  


Please EMAIL us with your ideas and questions.




Click on the images below to find pet safety posters.