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Emergency Medical Assistance

Emergency Medical Fund

Our emergency medial fund supports the cost of an office visit allowing individuals to seek veterinary care for their pet. Past emergencies have included urinary tract blockages, ingested objects, wounds, infections, vomiting, injuries suffered from car accidents, and a range of other injuries.

Voucher Criteria

Use - Vouchers are for true emergencies. They ONLY cover the cost of the office visit. Other expenses are the owner's responsibility. Vouchers may not be used for routine vet visits, vaccinations or other services.


Frequency - Eligible households may receive 1 voucher per year. Additional vouchers require extraordinary circumstances. However, second requests will not be granted for animals that have not been spay/neutered following an initial voucher.


Eligible Households - Vouchers are for low-income individuals.



  • Call us at 812.333.MCHA (6242)

  • We will ask you questions about the need and eligibility

  • You will need to select the veterinary clinic that you would like to go to

  • Vouchers can be mailed, picked up at the shelter, or faxed to a clinic.


Vaccination Clinics

Mobile Vaccine Clinic Dates are being arranged now.

Click HERE for details.  


If you can't make it to one of our clinics, always remember that PetsAlive is available as another low-cost option.



Spay/Neuter Assistance

Click HERE for information about our spay/neuter assistance 



Additional Assistance

If you need additional assistance, please go to the resource list kept under FAQ or call us to discuss other options that you might be able to pursue.

Increased Demand

Due to increased demand for vouchers, there is a very limited number of vouchers that MCHA can offer each month.  Vouchers will be based off of the emergency criteria of the animal.  If you have an animal that needs veterinary care, but does not qualify for an emergency voucher, please visit one of these resources.

Olivia Animal Protection & Rescue Fund

Late Summer of 1997 was a tough time for Bloomington as several incidents of animal abuse hit the news.  The community's heart was particularly touched by Olivia the cat. Doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire, she fought for two long months before succumbing to her injuries.  The incident led, now, Mayor Kruzan to call for new legislation on the state level.  We at MCHA established the Olivia Animal Protection & Rescue Fund that fall.  The Olivia fund continues today - assisting with the extraordinary expenses incurred by animals that have suffered abuse or neglect. The fund is supported by donations designated for this purpose.


Fund Criteria

Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis according to: 


  • The nature and severity of the situation

  • Veterinary assessment / prognosis

  • Location (owner must reside in Monroe County)

  • Financial need

  • Availability of funds


Call 812.333.MCHA (6242)


Donate to the Fund

Click HERE for details


Applicants should call MCHA to discuss the incident and need. We will request information needed to make a decision. Information may include a formal, written request such as:


  • Clear and thorough description of the incident

  • Clear description of injuries and course of treatment

  • Clear statement of expenses incurred

  • Clear demonstration of financial need.