Humane Education Programs

All educational programs can be tailored to various age groups or adults. Custom content can also be created with enough advance notice. Unless otherwise noted, all educational programming is free. However, we happily accept monetary donations or item donations from our supply wish list

Please contact us if interested in scheduling a program!

Careers with Animals – 1 hour

This course explores the various careers one may have relating to animals in various capacities and the respective education needed to have those careers. This is an excellent workshop for teenagers who are in their deciding stages for which profession they would like to choose.


Dog Safety/Bite Prevention – 20 mins to 1 hour, depending on age group

This course dives into important practical techniques to stay safe around dogs, reviews stress signals dogs may experience, and teaches proper approach towards dogs.


Pet Ownership – Dogs and Cats – 45 mins to 1 hour

This course reviews everything a new or potential pet owner needs to know from nutritional, medical and care needs to enclosures, exercise, training, and cost of ownership. This program is designed around cats and dogs as pets.


Pet Ownership – Exotic Pets and Rodents - 45 mins to 1 hour

This course reviews everything a new or potential pet owner needs to know from nutritional, medical and care needs to enclosures, exercise, training, and cost of ownership. This program is designed around exotic and rodent pets such as lizards, snakes, rats, and rabbits.


Dogs With Jobs (Working Animals) – 1 hour

This course offers a discovery of the many fascinating capabilities of dogs and how those are used for different jobs dogs may have, from sports to service animal to military dog or Search & Rescue dog.


Behavior Problems in Dogs – 2 hours

Fee applies

Having a well-behaved pet is easy! The challenge starts when we have to work through behavioral issues which may develop during our ownership of the pet. This course discusses common problems such as food/object guarding, unwanted chewing on objects, crate training, coming reliably when called, jumping up when greeted, pulling on the leash, and reactivity.


Anyone Can... Series – 3 classes of 45 mins each

Fee applies

Course offering at Ivy Tech Community College

This course is inspired by Gusteau’s powerful slogan that Anyone Can Cook, But Only the Fearless Can be Great from Ratatouille. When it comes to animal welfare and advocacy, we can all make a difference. This course highlights how simple mindset changes will allow each and every one of us to be those fearless catalysts in making our community the safest and best for animals of all kinds.   


How to Dog Park – 45 mins to 1 hour

Fee applies

This course discusses proper dog (to dog) introductions, what is encouraged to do, what not to do, correctly interpreting stress signals and how to safely separate fighting dogs. This is excellent for a practical setting at a dog park or where a group of dogs would mingle together. This course comes with a companion handout.    

Breed Discrimination/Dog Fighting – 45 mins to 1 hour

This course speaks about Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) due to poor human decision making and the history of why specific breeds have a bad reputation. The course also reviews local animal ordinances and what you can do to own a pet responsibly.


Pet Overpopulation – 45 mins

This course discusses the reasons for and solutions to pet overpopulation. Students become more aware of pet overpopulation concerns such as impact on the community and environment.

It's Cool to be Kind - 20 mins to 1 hour

This course teaches children and adults why it is so important to be kind and gentle with all living things, especially animals. The course explores the reasons why animals get mistreated and gets participants engaged in how fun and cool it actually is to be kind. 

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