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Fund an Item: Peanut's Penny Fund

Goal: $10,000


Peanut is our resident Clinic Cat and Office Productivity Executive. She fondly greets all our pantry, grooming and clinic clients. She passively ignores all our patients.  She has a gift of knowing which clients need her more than others, and makes a special effort to greet them, knocking everything on the counter off on her way to insist that they pet her. The clients that have just $12 in their pocket, and know that their pet needs so much more care than that.


Peanut’s Penny Fund will help to meet the high costs of caring for animals needing lifesaving veterinary treatment and care.  The Monroe County Humane Association Nonprofit Veterinary Clinic utilizes a variety of grant funding to help meet the many needs of the clients that we see and treat each day.  However, there are always clients that don’t always fit the exact grant requirements to receive financial assistance from grant funding.  Clients that are sometimes just a few dollars short of being able to pay their bill, afford medication, or worse, choosing between diagnostic tools to help determine the cause of their pet’s illness or choosing to be able to pay for any necessary medication. Funds will support the cost of diagnostics, medication and treatment when costs are above and beyond what a client or grant program can support.


Peanut’s Penny Fund, will grow and be maintained through the clients that choose to donate over the cost of their bill.  By implementing this fund with $10,000, Peanut’s Penny Fund will be able to help hundreds of pets just this year.



Peanut’s Penny Fund Clients:

Lucy is a nine-year old Boston Terrier. Lucy’s owner was recently incarcerated and during his brief sentence, Lucy stayed with family. Two days before Lucy’s owner was released, Lucy was attacked by the resident dog that she had been staying with, leaving multiple puncture wounds and a 4” gash down her left shoulder. When her owner was released from serving his sentence, and found the wounds on Lucy, he immediately began seeking options for treatment. He called the Nonprofit Veterinary Clinic, and with just $50 to offer towards her care, we immediately began treatment. Lucy’s wounds were already severely infected, and had they gone just a few more days without treatment, Lucy would not have likely survived. Since Lucy started treatments with us, we’ve had to clean and flush her wounds daily, and keep her on constant pain management and antibiotic medications. Lucy’s future is still uncertain while our Veterinary team works to make a treatment plan and will continue to assess her care as she continues to heal.  Lucy has been one of our sweetest patients, and the cost of her care will easily surpass what grant funding can offset or what her family can afford.  By establishing Peanut’s Penny fund, our Veterinary Team can ensure that all of the care Lucy needs can be met.

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