Animals in Disasters

Are you prepared for the worst?


Preparing yourself and your pets in the event of a disaster should go hand in hand with regular vet visits and flea prevention. Not being prepared can have devastating results. Take the time, mark your calendar for a once a year update to your disaster preparedness for your pets.


Here are a few quick tips to help you get started.


1. Where are your pet's medical records?

If you have to leave in a rush, you’ll need photocopies of all your important documents, like your driver’s license and passport. Don’t forget photos of your pets and their vaccination and medical records.  These records can help your pet get emergency boarding if you have to evacuate to another town, get your pet treated by an emergency veterinarian or claim your pet from an Animal Control Agency, should you become separated.  


2. What happens if you and your pet are stuck inside for days?

Do you have a backup stash of food for your pets, too? Don’t forget to keep enough water on hand for all of you! Next time you’re at the store, grab an extra bag of food for your pet to store and a couple gallons of drinking water, just in case.


3. Do you know how to treat and care for your pet’s wounds in an emergency?

What if you can’t get to a Veterinarian right away, do you have supplies on hand to help? Find out more about packing your pet First Aid kit and how to treat them in an emergency HERE.


4. Do you know your emergency numbers by heart?

Make sure you know the number to your Veterinarian, local animal control, and microchip registration company in case your pet gets lost in a disaster.  Keep these numbers handy with any other emegergency contacts you might need in an emergency.


5. Do you know where your pet is allowed to go if you have to evacuate your home?

Do you have their leash or carrier at the ready?  Have their collars, identification and vaccine records ready to go, whether you can take your pet with your, or need to find emergency boarding, know where your pet can go, too.


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