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Youth Humane Education Programs

All MCHA humane education programs focus on our mission of advocating and educating for animal welfare and feature at least one MCHA Animal Ambassador.


Please call 812-333-6242 for more program information and scheduling. 


MCHA's Most Popular Humane Education Programs:

How to be Safe Around Dogs (grades: K-12+)

Students learn how to stay safe around dogs in a fun interactive program. More children suffer from bite and scratch injuries than all of the childhood diseases combined. This lesson includes a discussion and visit with our canine animal ambassador or a VIPaws Therapy Team. 


It’s Raining Cats and Dogs: Pet Overpopulation in the United States (grades: K-12+)

Students will learn the role and importance of animal shelters in addressing the issues of pet overpopulation. Students will put into perspective how pet population increases and discuss methods to decrease numbers and how to be responsible pet owners. Students will experience the character pillars of kindness, responsibility, fairness and respect.


It is Cool to Be Kind to Animals: A guide to responsible and respectful pet ownership (grades: K-12+)

In this lesson, students will have the opportunity to reflect on the many factors families must consider when they think about adding a pet to their family. By considering such factors, students will engage problem-solving skills to learn about what it takes to be responsible pet owners. Students will experience the character pillars of kindness, responsibility, respect and citizenship.


Our Wild Neighbors (grades: K-12+)

Wildlife is all around us! Students learn about the wildlife that live in Indiana. This lesson will explore ideas of how to live in harmony with our wild neighbors and learn some “do’s and don’ts” of wildlife encounters. By the end of this course, students understand how the terms wild, stray, tamed, and domesticated describe a variety of relationships between people and animals. This program emphasizes on kindness, responsibility, respect, and fairness.


Animals have Class: A guide to animal classification and animal habitats (grades: K-12+)

In this lesson, students will learn about animals' physical features and characteristics that allow them to survive in their natural habitats. Students will learn about the various types of animals living around them, but also in the rest of the world in a variety of habitats.


Careers with animals (grades: 6-12+)

This program teaches students all about career opportunities working with animals. Students learn about various jobs available in animal welfare, biology, medical, at shelters and much more. Many students think that their only choice of career involving animals is to become a veterinarian, but there are many other possibilities, including humane educators, animal care and control, kennel technicians, trainers, and groomers. The standards addressed include science, research, reading, and writing.


Animals have emotions, too! (grades: 6-12+)

Students are given opportunities to develop empathy by identifying what a dog needs in various situations and recognizing that dogs have feelings. The standards addressed include English/language Arts, science and applied learning. Children will identify the character pillars of respect, responsibility and kindness.


Education programs are provided free of charge to allow all classrooms equal access. Programs are available outside of Monroe County but program fees and mileage charges may apply. Donations are appreciated and allow us to continue offering programs at no charge to those groups who would otherwise be unable to have us visit. The MCHA welcomes monetary donations, supplies listed on our website, or purchasing items on our Amazon wish list

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to learn more about education programs!


While our presentations are offered FREE for school groups and community events, DONATIONS are appreciated and help us provide programming for those who otherwise would not be able to afford them.


The cost to the MCHA of providing a "free" program can be $50-$75 in staff time, animal care, and transportation.