Nonprofit Veterinary Clinic & Outreach Center: 4635 West Richland Plaza Dr., Bloomington, In 47404

For Appointments, or Pantry questions, please call: 812-333-6242, ext 2

To Fax Veterinary Records: 812-935-5059

*Administration Address: 3410 South Walnut St., Bloomington, IN 47401

*Staff hours may vary. Please call to confirm. Dropping off a donation? We have a donation bin outside of our door that's available any time!

Mailing Address: PO Box 1334, Bloomington, IN 47402​​

**We do not have a shelter.**

    For City shelter hours, adoptable animals, lost/found pets, and animal control, call City of Bloomington Animal Care & Control at 812.349.3492.

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Last February, Basil was adopted through Bloomington Animal Care and Control. Instead of finding a home, the 4-year-old cocker spaniel wound up homeless and alone, his matted fur masking maggot-infested flesh, his friendly nature tempered by a sensitivity to touch.  It was clear he’d been through so much.

Basil had been abandoned some time after his adoption, living alone until Animal Control picke...

Each month, and even each week when we host the Minor Medical Clinic, we're never sure what kind of animals we'll see, or how sick they could be.  An owner's account of how sick their pet is varies from owner to owner. 


When Dazey Jane's mom made her appointment, she swore she was only coming in to have her pup be tested for parvovirus.  However, upon getting to the clinic, clinic staff weren...

What is parvovirus?

And why should you care?


We've received multiple reports and requests for medical assistance vouchers relating to dogs that have been showing symptoms related to parvo.  At the Walnut Street Pike Apartments, at least two dogs, under the age of six months, have passed away due to sypmtoms of Parvo, and one, Roscoe, is still under emergent care at a local veterinary office after...

Aren't these fur-babies cute? The truth is, puppy and kitten season is just now starting to hit most shelters in Southern Indiana. While they're cute now, it means that there are still mama dogs and cats out there having accidental litters. The most important part of this picture actually happens in the background.  The owner of the mama dog brought in the babies and took home a MCHA voucher to pa...

Lucy is a 7 year old Rat Terrier who was attacked by a pack of coyotes.  One morning, while playing in the front yard, Lucy was snatched up by a pack of coyotes. Somehow, Lucy managed to escape and her family found her limping in the woods near their home. She had several wounds including a large cut on her stomach and was losing blood quickly. Lucy needed medical attention immediately. The family...


Why can't we always have pictures? Contrary to work that is directly related to animals and animals that live in a shelter, most of the animals we work with still belong to families. Or the people we work with are at need because of their medical or physical disabilities. When we're focused on working with families, clients or owners, sometimes in stressful or emotional circumstances, stopping th...

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