Banfield Veterinary Assistance Grant


For the past two years, the Banfield Veterinary Assistance Grant allowed MCHA to sponsor up to $300 per pet belonging to a family participating in a subsidy program with any necessary additional veterinary funding to meet the needs of their pet's injury or illness care. MCHA is working to raise funds to replace the Banfield Veterinary Assistance Grant. The Banfield Grant Cycle requires that organizations take a one year break, every two years. 2020 is our break year.


The Banfield Veterinary Assistance grant allowed us to offset direct veterinary services for 152 pets in 2019. 


Help support our staff and our team in reaching more pets that just need a little help.


Pet Success Stories - Possible Because of the Banfield Grant


Zoey Myers

Soon after her heat cycle, Zoey began to seem sick. She was experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, and a milky bloody discharge. She was a walk-in appointment that MCHA squeezed in during a double booked day at our Nonprofit Veterinary Clinic. We performed x-rays, then Dr. Nickel identified a pyometra, an infection of the uterus. Zoey needed an emergency surgery. MCHA coordinated this emergency surgery through one of our partnering veterinary teams. Through Banfield and donated medication, Zoey experienced a full recovery and is now doing great. There is no more risk for pyometra as she is now spayed.


Pebbles is an aggressive (but loved) house cat. Pebbles fell down the stairs, tripped her Dad on her way down, and ultimately was stepped on. Two weeks prior, Pebbles’ family had addressed other pet emergency veterinary needs, and they found themselves without any extra money to put towards Pebbles’ care. With a broken foot requiring sedated, weekly splints, costs added up quickly. Luckily, Banfield funding covered at least 50% of the care for her broken foot. As of November 2019, Pebbles finished her 12 weeks of bandage changes with a new lease on life, but still without love for her vet team. All the same, we were happy to see Pebbles on the mend. 



Sweet boy Alpha came to MCHA after his family accidentally shut his leg in a door, causing a bad break. After his family was not able to provide the constant care and bandage changes he required, he was taken into the MCHA foster program as a medical emergency. Alpha was then placed with an MCHA staff member to ensure that he received the care necessary while awaiting his leg amputation. The foster was able to watch over Alpha and give him a wonderful second home, all the while receiving medical care and bandage changes. After surgery, he returned to an MCHA foster home for follow-up meds and care. Once his staples from surgery were removed, Alpha was returned to his family and his doggo siblings. By being able to take Alpha into a MCHA foster home, he was able to receive care in a safe, loving, family setting. (Such a good boy, he completely ignored the foster’s three kitties!)



Peanut, the MCHA Admin Office cat, came to MCHA through our Emergency Foster Program.  Peanut’s human mom was no longer able to provide a stable home (so important for a pet) because of on-going health issues. Through multiple hospitals stays, Peanut would return to the MCHA Emergency Foster Program, waiting for her mom to be released and able to return home. Unfortunately, the hospital stays continued and Peanut’s mom made one of the most difficult decisions a pet owner can make; to relinquish Peanut to MCHA so she could have the stability of a forever home. By this time, staff had fallen in love with Peanut and she had made herself at home (mainly on staff’s laps, desks, chairs – basically, wherever she chose) in our office. We love Peanut and are happy to include her in the MCHA family! 

Mr. T


After being on the streets for over 8 years as a stray kitty living in a neighborhood that collectively cared for him, a severe eye injury and an extremely cold winter led a family who had been helping to care for Mr T to bring him to a local shelter – where Kimberly Goy, MCHA's Development Director, took one look at him and was smitten! After taking him home and fostering him through multiple eye surgeries, he was made a permanent member of the Goy family, where he lives with his two adopted feline sisters, whom he ignores! He’s now 11 years old and living his best life.

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