MCHA Animal Ambassadors

As an animal welfare organization, MCHA proudly uses trained Animal Ambassadors as an integral part of our education programs. A hands-on demonstration with an ambassador increases interest and excitement in learning about animals and their welfare. Most of our Animal Ambassadors have been adopted from the local animal shelter or nearby rescue groups and play an important role in promoting our mission.

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Toad - German Shepherd 


Toad is an 18-month old German Shepherd. Joining MCHA in February 2019, Toad demonstrated he would make a perfect Animal Ambassador with his calm, pleasant, and friendly nature. He wins over just about everyone he meets and loves everyone back in return! Toad is still in training but has been a great addition to MCHA and works hard in the office and in the community.

Thelma & Louise - Rats 


Thelma & Louise are siblings and came to us from A Critters Chance Rescue. Their mother was purchased pregnant at a pet store, and two weeks later, she had 13 babies! Thelma and Louise are very social and extremely smart. They are quite the dynamic duo, and we love bringing them to events with us so they can socialize and make friends! 

Tangerine - Corn Snake


Tangerine is an albino captive bred corn snake, who was given to the MCHA by a local science teacher.  Tangerine has been with the MCHA since 2003, and since that time has made the most appearances at programs and Paws and Claws camp out of all other animal ambassadors. Often, Tangerine goes to school programs when we are discussing the diversity of animal life, classification of animals, or animal adaptations.



Professor Plum - Corn Snake

Professor Plum is a captive bred lavender corn snake. Corn snakes are nonvenomous. Joining us in the summer of 2018, he is a new addition to the MCHA Animal Ambassador team. Because they are easy to handle and care for, corn snakes are the most commonly bred species of snake in the US. This lavender morph is not found in the wild and is a result of selective breeding. 



Phoenix - Bearded Dragon


Phoenix is a hypo leatherback bearded dragon. A product of selective breeding, leatherback dragons have a mutated gene which prevents their scales from growing to full size. This gives them a larger number of smaller, smoother scales. Bearded dragons are among the easiest and most common reptiles to keep as pets. 

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