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Adult Education Workshops

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Good Leash Skills 

Learn to be the pack leader, reinforce good behaviors, and walk your dog without tension on the leash! 

Pet Care Tips and Tricks

This class is great for first time pet owners or anyone wanting to know a little more about the best practices for dog and cat care. Topics covered in this class include: feeding, grooming and animal handling tips, product recommendations, general animal behavior tips and much more! Directories for local resources are provided, as well as pet care supply checklists.

Family Dog Safety

This information session allows families to learn animal safety tips, animal care, local resources, and so much more! The first portion of this event will be geared towards parents discussing safety with children around animals. The second portion will be focused on children greeting a dog safely. This session will include at least one of MCHA’s animal ambassadors for the children to meet. 

Troubleshooting Your Dog 

Are you having trouble understanding or resolving unwanted behaviors with your dog? This class allows dog owners to learn solutions to common dog behavior and training issues including house soiling, jumping on guests, fearful and/or anxious behaviors, leash reactivity and more. This session should not replace formal training. This session is for humans only, no pets allowed.


Troubleshooting Your Cat

As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat but rather you care for the cat. Sometimes cat behavior is less of a known entity. This class allows cat owners to learn solutions to common cat behavior issues such as house soiling, unpleasant scratching habits, fearful and/or anxious behaviors and more. This session should not replace behavioral consultation, when needed. No pets allowed in this class.


Hiking & Walking with Your Dog

Do you enjoy taking a stroll in nature with your canine companion? Review all the essentials for hiking and walking safely in the woods with your dog. Learn about local dog-friendly parks, tips for leash skills while hiking, outdoors first aid and pet safety and so much more. 


Dog Park Etiquette

Not every dog has the temperament to enjoy a romp off-leash at the dog park. This session educates owners on reading dog body language, proper dog-to-dog play, and do’s and don’ts of off-leash dog parks.


Basic Pet Safety 

Choking and poisoning are the two most common preventable pet accidents leading to death in pre-senior pets. This class prepares participants on how to respond to many common pet emergencies and provide basic pet first aid. Not all human medicines or food are safe for your furry friends! This class will review common medical, household, plant and food toxins, contents of a homemade pet first aid kit and other safety items. This class is a must for every pet owner with pet safety in mind. 

Pet Tech Pet CPR & First Aid 

Thousands of pets die each year from preventable accidents. This five-hour class is taught by lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on practice and includes a PetSaver Student Handbook. Upon completion, each participant will receive a 2-year certificate. 


Pet Tech PetSaver Class 

Learn how to respond to pet emergencies and provide basic first aid for the four-legged members in your family. Practice and preparation will help you be calm and effective in an emergency. This class is taught by lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on practice and includes a PetSaver Student Handbook. Upon completion, each participant will receive a 2-year certificate.


Understanding Working Dog Labels 

This education program focuses on teaching the difference between many working dog labels including, service animal, therapy animal and emotional support animal. Explore the history of these working dog labels and the laws and acts behind them.


Understanding Pet Nutrition   

Learn the basics of commercial pet food, treats and chews. This class reviews pet food regulations, how to read labels on pet food bags, understand the guaranteed analysis and basic ingredients. Tips on finding safe and quality pet treats and chews will also be addressed. After this class, participants will have a better understanding of how pet food is made and how to determine a quality commercial pet food, treats and chews for their pet.