Spay/Neuter Assistance

We can help.  Each year we provide thousands of dollars in

assistance to individuals to have their pets spayed/neutered.

Need to schedule a procedure?  
Apply for a voucher.

Monroe County residents can apply for a voucher to reduce the cost of surgery at participating vets.


A quick call to us to confirm program eligibility and answer a few questions about the pet will get you started.  If you qualify, we will issue a voucher to use at the vet.  You will only be responsible for a low co-pay for the procedure. (Vaccines and other costs are the responsibility of a pet owner.)

Have a litter already?  
Ask about litter relinquishment.

If you 1) are a Monroe County resident, 2) have a litter, and 3) are willing to relinquish the litter to the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter, we will spay or neuter the parent animals for FREE!​

Need more information or help?

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Need to know where to go?


Not a resident of Monroe County?

   additional help. See Spay Neuter Services of Indiana for more.



Sponsor a
Cat or Dog


Your donation can help spay/neuter an animal in need. 




For more information, call us at 812.333.MCHA (6242).